My name is Sean Davis and I have participated in the Veteran Entrepreneurs Today program presented by Barbara Eldridge from Mind Masters and Vicky Garcia from Marketing Impressions. The class was a great combination of information for business owners who are looking to find ways to become more efficient and comfortable with their roles as leaders in their industry. There were areas of focus in marketing, finances, organization and many others. It was a class that gave me added focus on areas in my business that I had not put too much thought in.

From this class I was able to set weekly goals not only personal, but for the business as well, that would help ensure that actions were taken to make achievements towards improving my business. The director of this course, Barbara Eldridge , was always available to help you out if you were finding your goal difficult. She would ask you critical questions to not only understand it better for herself, but to allow yourself to ask questions that you had not thought of being pertinent to your end result. She made herself very available to the students of this class for any questions that might arise. Aside from setting goals that would strengthen any business, new or established, Mrs. Eldridge invited countless guest speakers to give you priceless information pertaining to business ownership. These guest presenters were very knowledgeable in their field and gave key information for making improvements in your business strategy.

This class was very helpful to me personally. I am thankful for all those who helped out in making this possible. I look forward to applying what I have gained in this class to my business. I would love to see this program meet more veterans in the future so that their dreams can come into focus and become a reality!


Sean Davis, Owner, Mobile Arcade Direct