How to Apply

V.E.T. is Free to Any Veteran Who Owns a Small Business.

You don’t need own Apple Computers or Qualcom to qualify.  It can be a cart in the mall, a product you are producing, a service you offer, or an on line business.   There is no business we can’t support.

Call Out 1If you are just thinking about owning a business, you should wait to apply until you’re sure entrepreneurship is for you.

You can have a full or part time job and still meet the requirements of V.E.T., so long as you can fit an evening meeting once a week into your schedule.

We prefer that participants have taken a few steps toward starting their business and apply when they are ready.  Have you gotten a business license?  Do you have a logo? Have you purchased a website URL?  Show us you have made a commitment to your business.








Got a question?  Please email us at and we’ll get back to you.


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