The Certification Process

The Certification Process

We offer FREE coaching and support through the certification process.

You can gain access to many corporate and government agency opportunities by becoming certified as a veteran (Veteran Owned Business: VOB) and service disabled veteran (SDVOB) owned business.

Many corporations have established supplier diversity programs. This means you have an advantage in being a supplier of goods and services if you’re certified.

Governmental agencies offer bidding set-asides for certified companies. This means you can bid on projects with a preference.

Your ability to access these opportunities is dependent on getting certified.

Getting certified can look like an arduous undertaking.  There are even for-profit and non-profit third party organizations that charge up to $5000 to help you to obtain certification.

As you go through the certification and bidding process, we’ll be there to answer your questions, help you make critical decisions, and make it easier.

Once you are certified as a VBO or SDVBO, be sure an post a notice on the front page of your website.

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