Certification FAQ for Companies

Confused? You’re not alone, and you won’t be anymore. We compiled a list of the 5 most FAQs as it pertains to supplier classification and supplier certification. Check out the answers below… Q: What’s the definition of a diverse supplier? A: A supplier that is at least 51% owned, operated and controlled by a person of...

Top 5 Social Media Management Apps And Tools

Thank you to our vendor Alex Cameron of Signature Social Marketing Consulting for this great post! Social media can potentially help you reach a gigantic audience of followers while at the same time putting the power in their hand to share and promote your content even further. It's excellent for building trust and authority and even...

Debunking Entrepreneurial Myths

[caption id="attachment_2737" align="alignright" width="300"]The Cash Cow Everyone is Looking For The Cash Cow Everyone is Looking For[/caption] Like many things, there are a number of misconceptions floating around about business ownership.  Often this is the kind of things your mother says to discourage you from taking...